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Introduction: "We, the People"


  • In this landmark free speech case, I represented the plaintiff, Immuno A.G., and successfully argued in favor of protecting free speech rights under the constitutional provisions, resulting in a significant legal precedent.

  • I have also represented male students who challenged the procedures used in sexual misconduct campus tribunals on due process grounds. One notable case was Doe v. Purdue (2019), where we secured a victory in the Seventh Circuit, highlighting the importance of due process in campus disciplinary proceedings.

  • In a case involving St. John's Law School Dean Patrick J. Rohan, we challenged the American Bar Association's law school accreditation procedures on due process grounds, emphasizing the importance of fairness and procedural justice in legal education.

The U.S. Constitution begins with the powerful words "We, the People," emphasizing that the sovereign People have established a republican government defined by a separation of legislative, executive, and judicial powers, as well as amendments that encompass a Bill of Rights. Constitutional litigation is a complex and challenging field, demanding an in-depth understanding of the constitutional text, historical context, the contemporary political landscape, the Constitution's structural elements, relevant case law, and the specific facts of each case as they relate to the constitutional provisions at hand.

Constitutional Law

Explore further to learn about our in-depth knowledge in Constitutional Law and how we can provide effective legal representation for your constitutional rights. Contact us today to discuss your specific case and to schedule a consultation.

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